Sununu Heads North, But Not To Keep ‘Promise’ To Discuss Northern Pass

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Dolly McPhaul of Sugar Hill is an outspoken critic of Northern Pass.

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By Nancy West

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu was scheduled to head north with family Monday and Tuesday drawing criticism from Dolly McPhaul who said he has yet to fulfill his promise to come to Coos County and talk with people about Northern Pass.

Gov. Chris Sununu, Nancy West photo

“I asked Governor Sununu at the Inaugural Ball at the Mt. Washington if he would come up to Coos County. He said, ‘of course,'” said McPhaul, a Republican who beat state Rep. Leon Rideout in the Sept. 13 primary, but then lost to Democratic Senator Jeff Woodburn.

McPhaul of Sugar Hill is a staunch opponent of the project. She said she called Sununu’s office sometime around March to try and schedule the meeting.

“Since that time, I have stopped by his office twice and called two or three times. One time they said July or August and other times they have not gotten back to me,” said McPhaul,

On Monday, Sununu’s office sent out his agenda for Monday and Tuesday that also said his travels to Berlin, Bartlett, North Conway and Sanbornville would be “closed to the press.” (see email below.)

“After months of attempting to have Governor Sununu follow through on his agreement to me regarding a trip to Coos County to discuss the Northern Pass, I just learned he is planning a trip north without informing me or including the press.

“By doing so, he will be accountable to no one. By his own admission on an NHPR interview, Governor Sununu stated it was his job to listen to all people. That being the case, he is not doing his job. I have a question for Governor Sununu, Why do you support ‘one’ greedy private corporation that will destroy this beautiful state over the will of thousands and thousands of residents?” McPhaul said.

Sununu’s press office did not respond to questions about Sununu’s plans or any future plans for meeting with people to discuss Northern Pass.

The controversial Northern Pass/Eversource Energy project would bring electricity from Hydro-Quebec along 192 miles of transmission line from Pittsburg to Deerfield. The project is in the midst of adjudicative hearings before the state Site Evaluation Committee.

Sununu Press release on Monday:

Governor Chris Sununu Schedule August 21-22
For Immediate Release: August 21, 2017
Contact: Ben Vihstadt,,

Concord, NH – Please see below for Governor Chris Sununu’s schedule for August 21-22.


 Travels with Family to Berlin, Bartlett, and North Conway



Travels with Family to North Conway and Sanbornville



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