Coe-Brown Graduation: Looking Ahead and Remembering …

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NORTHWOOD — It was a beautiful May evening with a gentle breeze and warm touch of air. I walked over to a group of friends and was greeted with smiles and handshakes. We were all excited to graduate and proceed onto the next chapters of our lives.

Soon the teachers ushered us into the lobby of Smith Hall to prepare to walk. I was blessed to be paired with one of my best friends, Ambar Mercedes, who is featured in the photo with me, to walk out with. It was our turn to go.

She was very confident and wore a big smile. I was in a way the opposite. I had an awkward fake smile so I looked happy. To be honest I just wanted to get my diploma and go.

We were then seated. Ambar and I shared a couple of double high-fives.
During the ceremony, I looked back upon my 12 years of schooling. I thought about my second grade teacher, Ms. Thornton, who to this day remains my favorite teacher.

I remembered the fun times I had with one of my best friends, Seth Jones, and how as little kids we would write and illustrate comic super heroes and villains. I also thought about my football career, playing my younger years for Blue Storm Sports, and then Merrimack Valley High School and The Sea Coast Titans.

Then my name was called. I walked up to the stage. I shook my headmaster’s hand and received my diploma. I sat back down next to Ambar.

“We did it!” Ambar said.

I looked down at my diploma and read the golden letters, “Coe­-Brown Northwood Academy.” The feeling to have graduated from one of New England’s best schools was amazing. I began thinking about my future, pursuing my dream as a defense attorney.

Anything and everything suddenly seemed possible. In that moment I concluded two things:

One, that I can do anything I set my mind to.
And two: Life is good.

David Lovlien Jr. is a high honors graduate of Coe-Brown Northwood Academy. He will attend Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth for a dual major in English and criminal justice. David is an active member on the New Hampshire Legislative Youth Advisory Committee. He writes a regular column for