John Harrigan and Roger Wood Tell Tales from the Trail

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Veteran newsman John Harrigan, left, is pictured in the mid-1980s pasting up a page at the Coös County Democrat. Roger Wood is pictured in 1986 covering the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in Cape Canaveral. Today, Harrigan is a columnist and Wood a regular podcaster for

John Harrigan

John Harrigan

Roger Wood interviews presidential primary candidate Bill Bradley in 2000.

Roger Wood, right, interviews presidential primary candidate Bill Bradley in 2000.

Roger Wood

Roger Wood

By John Harrigan and Roger Wood


He calls me a fossil and I refer to John Harrigan as a fossilized fossil.

But it’s all in fun as we two veteran print and electronic journalists share Tales of the Trail as we get ready for the centennial celebration of New Hampshire’s presidential primary on Feb. 9. Our first-in-the-nation status was to come later than that first primary in 1916.

We hope you enjoy some insider stories dating back to 1968 of what it’s like covering the presidential wannabees as they crisscross the state looking for votes. I’m Roger Wood for

Roger Wood is a producer/editor/podcaster for and also works as a producer and narrator of audio books. John Harrigan writes View from Above the Notches for and North Country Notebook for the Salmon Press papers. Listen to Harrigan every Thursday at 7:10 a.m. on WTPL FM 107.7 with host Peter St. James.