Mom’s Anxious Weeks Into Son’s Rehab for Heroin Addiction

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Last month, Michele helped launch Breaking the Chains telling her story about a mother’s struggles dealing with an adult son who is addicted to heroin. He was trying to detox at home. She got back in touch with this week with some hopeful news. 

Mom Is Anxious Three-Weeks Into Son’s Rehab for Heroin Addiction
By Michele

It’s been three weeks since my son left for rehab.

We live in Manchester so Texas seems a million miles away to me.

But sending him to a treatment center so far away would only benefit everyone involved, especially my son. In a city and state he has absolutely no connection with, it would make it difficult for him to just walk away.

And I can finally sleep not worrying about that dreaded call us mom’s fear the most.

Another reason for such a far away treatment center was because there was absolutely nothing local. Or even in New England that was able to have him for weeks even four at one place.

When a heroin addict finally agrees to treatment, it has to be immediate because even using even one more time could result in death.

This 30-day treatment program is packed with meetings, counseling, peer groups, discussions and dual diagnosis treatment.

Many addicts also have other medical issues that need to be addressed such as depression and bi-polar disorder among others.

But, seriously, 30 days is not nearly long enough. But, if they are lucky enough to have insurance, the insurance company doesn’t even favor the 30-day program.

It’s like pulling teeth.

And most of us have to pay out of pocket, which drains any bank account you have or forces you to remortgage your home or become debt-poor.

As I approach the end of his 30 days, my worries will all resurface.

Will he be able to fight this life-long battle of addiction? Or will his disease reoccur and that monster that lives within him win?

For the addict and the people who  love him, it’s one day at a time.

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