Roger Wood Gets Former Portsmouth Police Chief’s Take on Scandal

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Roger Wood

Former Portsmouth Police Chief Bill Burke

While the Portsmouth City Council and Police Commission debate the fate of the present police chief’s separation arrangements, a former police chief has weighed in on the issues facing the department.

William “Bill” Burke, is now retired from the force after serving as police for 11 years, from 1987 to 1998.

He formerly served with the Los Angeles Police Department, and is now retired and living in Hampton.

Roger Wood spoke to him in his Indepth podcast about the scandal that rippled through the department.

He asked the former chief what he would have done if he were in charge of the department while an officer was engaging in questionable activities.

The issue of police chief Steven Dubois resignation is still up in the air, with the city council passing the matter of separation date and severance pay back to the police commission.