Roger Wood Indepth: NH Rebellion Founder Wants Money Out of Politics

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CNN has labeled him a fringe candidate lumping him in with those who dress up for a spectacle, like one who wears a boot on his head.

But 54-year-old Larry Lessig, who failed to make the cut for the recent network debate, has a message that is being heard, nonetheless.

The founder of the NH rebellion 15 years ago, Lessig is a Harvard law professor and best-selling author. He has already raised over $1 million for his 2016 presidential campaign, far eclipsing Lincoln Chafee, who was on the televised debate.

He has crisscrossed New Hampshire twice, bringing his message of ending corruption in Washington. Roger Wood caught up with him recently at a well-attended rally in Portsmouth.

Commenting on his exclusion from the CNN debate which excluded anyone with under 1 per cent of polled support, Lessig said, “The rules are inclusive of politicians, and they’d be inclusive of any billionaire who wants to run, but they’re not inclusive of a viable campaign that has not been on national stage.”