Op-Ed: Sununu’s Hospital Bed Order Doesn’t Prevent COVID-19

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Rich DiPentima


So, Gov. Sununu gives an Executive Order to DHHS to expand hospital bed capacity.  He made a point to say that there would be no emergency declaration or mask order.

The hospital bed order does nothing for prevention, it just allows room for more sick people.  Of course, without enough staff, opening more bed will not work. 

Would it not also make some sense to try and prevent people from getting sick enough to need a hospital?  That would take the burden off hospitals who are already short-staffed. 

But Sununu does not think prevention, that might upset his base.  His next step logically will be to order expansion of morgues and grave yards.

Rich DiPentima formerly served as Deputy Public Health Director for Manchester and Chief Communicable Disease Epidemiologist, New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services.

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