Op-Ed: Nash Stream Issues Need To Be Addressed

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Dr. Campbell McLaren

By Dr. Campbell McLaren, Easton

November 21, 2021

I write to protest the meeting of the Nash Stream Forest Citizens’ Committee last week.

The responses from State agencies clearly reflected how ineffectual they were. The issues of
monitoring, patrolling and conformity with regulations were barely addressed, and clearly RSA 215-
A:42: was not being followed and not going to be, due to lack of Fish & Game funding.

The effect of ATVs on the health of streams was not clearly addressed. Wildlife in general was
ignored. A beautiful area is being sacrificed to the will of the ATV clubs, and nothing will get in their way.

The Southern Connector plan has a hold-out landowner, and not being secured, should not have
been on the agenda. Public input and discussion were not invited until after motions were made and one was passed.

This was billed as a public meeting and in normal circumstances the opinions of the public would have
been important and necessary.

The only sane, reasoned and researched voice on the committee was Jamie Sayen. He had facts and
presented them clearly and unemotionally. He was ignored and his motion that no further state money
be spent on any aspect of the SC Trail proposal, except for the monitoring NSFCC had just approved until all landowners formally commit to permit the SC on their property, was not seconded.

The issues that need to be addressed (and this is not inclusive):
-Stream purity
-Habitat protections
-Gas hungry machines contributing to climate change.
-Monitoring and policing of trails.
-Rights of hikers, fishermen, hunters and those that love the outdoors.
-Protections of individuals’ property rights.
We need strong leadership, not a lock-step approach to these problems.

Campbell McLaren MD.FACEP
Easton, NH

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