Where’s Your Zen Place?

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Susan Dromey Heeter photo

A back yard is always Zen.


Where is your place of retreat, of pause, of reflection, of joy, of – whew, I’m here?  Today, I muse joyfully you have that spot, that locale where your phone doesn’t beep, your tension melts, your depletion of life gets filled.

For me? Mercifully, I’ve several, one such space is our unfinished, spider laden basement.  I delight in going downstairs to fold clothes; I find such peace in towels lined up, in the purr of a washer, in the cycles of change as the water adjusts.  My little family has never bothered me downstairs, there’s nowhere to sit, it’s dark and the primary use of our basement is storage and laundry. 

Susan Dromey Heeter, Joyful Musings

I love it.  Never once have I wished for a laundry room on a first or second floor, doing laundry has always been my escape, my Zen, my go-to place where no matter what, clothes are cleaned, folding is done, ultimate control can be achieved.

Another locale?  Outside, under the sky, any time, anywhere.  Truly.  The downpour last week left me with melted bangs but the gratitude of feeling the weather.  During my work day, I try to get outside to eat, to walk, to bask in whatever weather there is.

  Thankfully, I have clothes, wonderful coats. I stay warm – and if not?  I celebrate the warmth of walls, ceilings, windows when I return from the elements.  What a gift. So many in this life have no choice but to live outside – all the time. 

My backyard never disappoints. While it’s strewn with leaves, with chairs yet to be spray painted, with some leftovers from Bennie the dog that ought to be picked up, it’s good to enjoy a piece of land, a small slice of grass currently not covered in snow.  We’ve got a fire pit, a beautiful place to smell the burning wood, the papers not shredded but burnt.  The calm of a fire is beautiful. 

So, musers? Where do you go to reflect, for Zen? A basement? A yard? Beneath the sky?  I hope your place allows you some Zen, some reflection, some peace. We all need a retreat and even a dark basement smelling of Tide can work.

Susan Dromey Heeter is a writer from Dover who recently let her hair go au natural white. Writing has been her passion since her English majoring days at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  Dromey Heeter has lived in The Netherlands, Alaska and currently basks in all things New England, including the frigid winters. An avid swimmer, Dromey Heeter’s great passion is to bring back body surfing as most children have no idea how to ride waves without ridiculous boogie boards.

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