Veterans Protection Bill Signed Into Law

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Gov. Chris Sununu is pictured last week signing HB 1280, relative to copayments for insulin, establishing a wholesale prescription drug importation program.


CONCORD — The children of totally and permanently disabled veterans would receive free tuition at state colleges and universities under a bill signed into law Tuesday.

A bill that allows election moderators greater leeway to provide voters with unobstructed access to polling places and prohibits electioneering in the building where voting occurs was also signed into law.

Gov. Chris Sununu signed an omnibus veterans protection bill that aids access to employment, housing, health and college degrees, as well as tuition assistance for New Hampshire National Guard members.

The bill also approves tuition waivers for children in foster care or guardianship, and prohibits higher educational institutions from discrimination against members of the military, law enforcement or veterans.
Sen. Jon Morgan, D-Brentwood, who shepherded the bill through the Senate, said he had the privilege of working with veterans when he worked at the Department of Defense assessing terrorist threats.

“As elected officials, it is our duty to support those who have dedicated their lives to serving their country. House Bill 1582 incorporates several pieces of legislation that support the long-term success of the veterans living and working here in New Hampshire, including the Veterans Bill of Rights,” Morgan said.

“This legislation will assist our veterans to start businesses, find jobs and apprenticeships matching their skillset, obtain physical and mental health services, prevent suicide, achieve license and certification reciprocation, access educational opportunities for themselves and their families, and continue the fight to end veteran homelessness.”

House Bill 1582 passed the Senate on a 23-1 vote, and the House 290-36.


Sununu also signed Senate Bill 45 which grants election moderator the authority to restrict parking and travel at polling places for the safety of pedestrians and to ensure parking is available for voters.

The bill also makes it clear that electioneering is not allowed within the polling building, but outside in assigned areas that allows for the free flow of pedestrians and vehicles.

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