Last Call: List To See Your Favorite Candidate Before Vote

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Polls open in less than 36 hours — here are your final chances to see a candidate in person:


  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Nashua GOTV Rally (Sun 2/9, 4pm, RSVP)
  • Bill Weld Manchester UU Church forum (Sun 2/9, 6:30pm, 639 Union St.)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Manchester breakfast (Mon 2/10, 10am, RSVP)
  • Sen. Michael Bennet Manchester Meet & Greet (Mon 2/10, 3pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Hudson Canvass Kickoff (Mon 2/10, 3pm, RSVP)
  • Joe Biden Manchester GOTV Rally (Mon 2/10, 5:45pm, RSVP)
  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Manchester Town Hall  Meeting (Mon 2/10, 6pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Manchester Town Hall Meeting (Mon 2/10, 6:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren Primary Night Party (Tues 2/11, 7pm, RSVP)
  • Joe Biden Primary Night Party (Tues 2/11, 7pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Primary Night Party (Tues 2/11, 7:30pm, RSVP)
  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Primary Night Party (Tues 2/11, 7:30pm, Penuche’s, Manchester)


  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Concord Town Hall Meeting (Sun 2/9, 6:30pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Concord Town Hall Meeting (Mon 2/10, 12pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Michael Bennet New London Meet & Greet (Mon 2/10, 9am, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Primary Night Party (Tues 2/11, 7:00pm, Grappone Center, Concord)


  • Sen. Joe Biden Hudson GOTV Rally (Sun 2/9, 3:30pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Rochester Town Hall Meeting (Mon 2/10, 9:30am, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Portsmouth Town Hall Meeting (Mon 2/10, 2:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rochester GOTV Rally (Mon 2/10, 2:15pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren Portsmouth Town Hall meeting (Mon 2/10, 4:45pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Exeter GOTV Rally (Mon 2/10, 3pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Rochester GOTV Rally (Mon 2/10, 7pm, RSVP)
  • Pete Buttigieg Exeter GOTV rally (Mon 2/10, 8pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Rochester Town Hall Meeting (Mon 2/10, 9:30am, RSVP)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders UNH Rally (Mon 2/10, 7:30pm, RSVP)


  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren Lebanon Town Hall Meeting (Sun 2/9, 5pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Keene Town Hall Meeting (Sun 2/9, 6:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Rindge Town Hall (Mon 2/10, 12pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Keene GOTV Rally (Mon 2/10, 9am, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Keene State College Rally  (Mon 2/10, 10pm, RSVP)


  • Andrew Yang Littleton Town Hall Meeting (Sun 2/9, 4:30pm, RSVP)
  • Deval Patrick Plymouth Town Hall Meeting (Sun 2/9, 4:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Michael Bennet Littleton Meet & Greet (Sun 2/9, 6pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Michael Bennet Plymouth Meet & Greet (Sun 2/9, 8pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Conway Town Hall Meeting (Sun 2/9, 7:30pm, RSVP)
  • Joe Biden Gilford GOTV rally (Mon 2/10, 11am, RSVP)


  • Pete Buttigieg Salem Town Hall meeting (Sun 2/9, 5pm, RSVP)
  • Pete Buttigieg Londonderry Town Hall meeting (Sun 2/9, 6:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Salem GOTV Rally (Sun 2/9, 7pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Derry GOTV Rally (Mon 2/10, 8pm, RSVP)

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