Former NH Democratic Party Chair on Phone Jamming Reports in Iowa

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Screen shot of Kathy Sullivan from the Denver Post

In response to the phone jamming reports out of Iowa, Kathy Sullivan – who was chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party during New Hampshire Republicans’ 2002 phone-jamming scandal that ended with two Republican operatives in prison – released the following statement.

“I was sickened, but not surprised, to hear that Republicans jammed Iowa Democratic Party phone lines Monday night in an effort to disrupt counting and reporting caucus results.

“We experienced Republican efforts to disrupt our election efforts in New Hampshire in 2002. After a thorough investigation by local, state, and federal officials, and the dogged efforts of our legal team, two Republican operatives went to prison, and the state GOP paid New Hampshire Democrats $125,000 in damages. 

“The same type of investigation into Republican interference should be undertaken immediately in Iowa.”

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