Bipartisan climate change measure proposed in Congress

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Wayne D. King was recently honored for his political column, "The View From Rattlesnake Ridge" by the New England Newspaper and Press Association. takes no position on politics, but welcomes diverse opinions.

By WAYNE D. KING, The Radical Centrist

What do Steven Chu, Bradley Whitford, George Schultz, James Baker, Don Cheadle, William Boicourt and Fortune Magazine have in common?

Support for an idea for reducing CO2 output by more than even the Paris Agreement’s goals in two decades that essentially holds most middle class, working class and poor families harmless (70% of the population) to slightly higher costs on carbon-based products.

Forget the band-aids! The most comprehensive bi-partisan measure ever proposed in the United States Congress is also the one attracting broad bi-partisan support (it also takes a big step toward dealing with income/wealth disparity).

The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (Aka Baker Schultz Carbon Dividend Act) HR 763 is gathering steam and support from across the political spectrum. A fascinating market-based solution that even carbon-based energy companies are starting to get behind. Real change may be on the horizon. Bucky Fuller would have loved this one.

King is an author, artist, activist and recovering politician. A three-term State Senator, he was the 1994 Democratic nominee for Governor and most recently the CEO of MOP Environmental Solutions Inc., a public company in the environmental cleanup space. His art is exhibited nationally in galleries and he has published three books of his images. His most recent novel “Sacred Trust” a vicarious, high voltage adventure to stop a private powerline has been published on He lives in Rumney at the base of Rattlesnake Ridge. His website is:

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