Going, But Not Gone

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The time has come…as of today I will still be drawing editorial cartoons, but not on a regular basis.

The financial structure for my work no longer exists and it’s time for me to pursue other avenues to replace the income previously generated by editorial cartooning. I’ll still draw a cartoon now and then when something pops up that I can’t resist commenting on and post it online, just not on a regular schedule.

This time around the decision to make a change is mine and I’m fine with it. No need for any “save Mike” campaigns as my mind is made up to do things a little differently.

I will continue to editorialize on New Hampshire and national politics through my webcomics, UP on the HiLL and The Beach. (I’m still crowdfunding those, so feel free to hit that donate button!) Info about these comics are on my website marlandcartoons.com and on an ad here on InDepthNH.org.

The site will continue to offer ‘toons, prints and downloads among other things and I’ll continue to be on Facebook and Twitter where I’ll update with any news…such as my upcoming book “From Tea to Trump;The Rest of the Best of my Concord Monitor Editorial Cartoons.”

I’ll remain as an occasional contributor to InDepthNH.org, Nancy West’s non-profit news website. Nancy took on my cartoons after I was let go by the Concord Monitor last December and has been paying for my cartoons with donations and crowdfunding, which alas, has run out of steam. (See below how you can help finish paying Mike)

I am extremely grateful to Nancy for her tireless efforts to keep my cartoons going. She is passionate about good journalism and real news and am happy to be a small part of her endeavor. Also a huge thank you to all the donors to InDepthNH.org’s funding efforts. I am humbled by your generosity.

Political cartoon fans are a motivated bunch and I truly appreciate all you did to keep me going as long as you have. Thank you! Thanks also to my supporters on Twitter and Facebook for your likes and retweets, you’ve been a big help also and I hope you will continue to be. So this isn’t “goodbye,” it’s more like “see you around.”

Editor’s Note: Mike Marland worked for free from May to June because he loves NH. Please help pay the $1,924 we owe him by donating to the CrowdRise Adopt Mike Marland fundraising campaign. Mike will send a free cartoon to anyone who donates $50 or more. Thanks Mike for all you have done for InDepthNH.org and me. I know we’ll see your cartoons from time to time and we will keep the ad posted on InDepthNH.org that links to your page. — Nancy West


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