Video: 50 People Protest President Trump in Littleton

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Chris Jensen photo

Crowd in Littleton gathers on President's Day Monday to protest President Trump's actions.

 Video, photos and story By Chris Jensen

About 50 protesters gathered in Littleton late Monday afternoon as part of a nationwide effort to show opposition to the decisions made by President Donald J. Trump during his first month in office. A couple hundred also reportedly marched in Concord.

Chris Jensen photo

Rachael Booth of Landaff joins protest in Littleton on Monday.

“No hate, no fear, everyone is welcome here,”’ the crowd chanted as passing vehicles routinely honked approval.

Billed as “Not My President’s Day,” some of the other issues addressed included fear about cutbacks in healthcare, weakening Social Security, remarks that demean women or people with disabilities, freedom of the press and immigration policies.

The goal was to show that people aren’t going to accept Trump’s actions and will work together to oppose them, said Rachael Booth of Landaff.

The protest was held in front of the post office.

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