‘Claremont III’ Steve Rand Steps into the Education Breach

I wanted to speak with someone who came at this from an experiential basis; someone who has lived the disparities on a day-to-day and year-to-year basis. Someone who has seen how the system short-changes our kids and our communities.

Carved in Granite – Jeremy Osgood Breathes Plausible Life into the Chocorua Myth

In writing a fictional account of the Chocorua story Jeremy Osgood has tackled the unknowable. Taking on the challenge of providing mythical “documentation” where there is none by utilizing the rich history of folklore and myth surrounding the Chocorua story as a tapestry into which he weaves his own version of the myth.

Tom Wessels: In the Footsteps of Abbey, Muir, and Whitman 

It’s interesting that for someone for whom evolution, natural selection, and succession became the (early) hallmarks of his professional life it all began at an early age when he would escape to a nearby 70 acre forest for his own personal peace and evolved from an almost therapeutic and innate understanding of the natural world to a deeper understanding of our social and civic relationships.

Conversation with Actor, Writer and NH Icon Richard ‘Dick’ Backus

If you saw a photograph of Dick Backus and you thought – “I know him!” it may be because you are of a certain age when you watched daytime soaps like Ryan’s Hope or went to see Eugene O’Neill’s “Ah Wilderness” at the Ogunquit Playhouse, or you even went to see “Butterflies are Free” on Broadway.

Wayne King Talks Education With Expert Tony Wagner

Tony Wagner is an eminent education specialist: he has taught at every grade level from high school through graduate school; worked at Harvard; done significant work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and speaks across the country and all over the world