No Easy Answers for NH Columnist in Bosnia

Sarah’s View from the Borderlands: It is a strange time to be representing America abroad with so much international spotlight on the presidential election and gun violence, topics I am asked about wherever I go.

Bullets and Ballots: A Message of Hope for Your NH Vote

Sarah’s View from the Borderlands: Before leaving New Hampshire last August, I drove to the Concord City Hall to figure out how to submit my absentee ballot from Bosnia so I would be able to vote from abroad.

Prayer and Play in Mostar, Crossing a Bridge to NH’s Primary

Fat flakes of snow drift down from Sarajevo’s overcast sky as my bus rounds the hillside headed south.

I have a one-way ticket to Mostar, the Herzegovinian city famous for its beauty and its iconic bridge, the Ottoman-era Stari Most.

Sarah’s View from the Borderlands: Our Worlds, Divided

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert of Pembroke writes from the heart for while living in Sarajevo where she is conducting research on youth activism and civic engagement.

“Do you ever work with the students from the other side of town?” she asked a friend there.

Sarajevo’s Grit Mirrors Folks Back Home in New Hampshire

Sarah’s View from the Borderlands is Sarah Freeman-Woolpert’s new biweekly column for Originally from Pembroke, N.H., she is studying youth activism and civic engagement in Sarajevo.

When East Meets West at Christmastime

Last year, I celebrated Orthodox Christmas with a Bosnian Serb family in East Sarajevo. We climbed out of bed at six in the morning for a traditional and unbelievably heavy meal of roasted lamb that I could barely stomach at sunrise, half awake and half identifying as a vegetarian at the time.