Thoughts About Get-Togethers To Chew On

I have a good friend who categorizes events, visits, meetings by the measurement of gum. Yes, the kind of gum you chew, chomp, blow bubbles with.  When she’s got a short meet up, that’s a Chiclet, a long chat equates to Bubblicious, a run in with a friend might be measured as a Big Red.

Be Very Vogue, Now Go For a Walk in NH

In the October edition of Vogue magazine, there is an article about walking.  It’s called, “Walk This Way” – and celebrates the “basic form of exercise being lauded anew.” 

On The Glory of Clogs

It’s pretty amazing to be an educator and to those of you reading this who have spent the last weeks getting prepared for the myriad of minds returning to their seats, I muse joyfully you will have the endurance and vitality to not only survive this year, but to thrive.