Forlorn Moose Dogs Man

Howling From the Mountain in NH: A young moose, probably just booted out of camp by his mother, wallowed in a swamp while a curious but imprudent male photographer moved among the reeds between the moose and Route 16. I pulled over and stopped to watch this pair.

On Getting Caught in the Middle of a Group Howl

Howling from the Mountain: There is nothing in the world like walking down a woodland trail with no apparent wolf sign only to see that on the return trip, wolves, hiding just off the trail, had tracked us and veered off when they sensed our return.

Male Seeking Female: Looking for Ms. WillingNAble

Single male unmated coyote will travel for companionship. Medium build, thick gray coat, athletic and proven hunter. Hopeless romantic and alpha wannabe seeks female as an equal. A real SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) for the right type.

And Then Our Eyes Met

Conservation Biologist Christine Schadler debuts her new column Howling from the Mountain:

On a recent sleepless night, curled up in front of a wood fire with a tedious book saved particularly for such occasions, the crack and hiss of the fire was interrupted by a more disturbing crunch and scurry.