Mom’s Anxious Weeks Into Son’s Rehab for Heroin Addiction

Last month, Michele helped launch Breaking the Chains telling her story about a mother’s struggles dealing with an adult son who is addicted to heroin. He was trying to detox at home. She got back in touch with this week with some hopeful news.

Mom Is Helpless Watching Son Withdraw From Heroin At Home

Editor’s Note: This mother tells of her love for her son and her prayers for him as he detoxes from heroin at home in’s first installment in the Breaking the Chains column. 

My name is Michele and I live in Manchester with my husband. We have both worked hard all of our lives. I am the mother of an addict. I have many other titles. I am a wife and mother of four adult children.

Breaking the Chains: Let’s Talk Addiction, End The Scourge will launch Breaking the Chains on Friday with a Manchester mother sharing what it’s like watching her adult son battle heroin addiction. He isn’t winning right now. Michele will tell you what that’s like for her family. Please share your experience with addiction and recovery so we can help break those chains. Email me at