Little Makes a Big Contribution

In 1869, a prominent Manchester lawyer by the name of William Little – a well read man with an office right on Elm Street and a deep interest in Meteorology – found himself in the position of being able to make a deep and historic contribution to Mount Washington history.

365 Days of Mountain Mischief: From Walt Whitman to Alton Weagle

365 Days of Mountain Mischief: In mid-1951, just as Alton Weagle was beginning to contemplate the string of Mt. Washington record stunts he’d pull throughout the decade, an NBC Radio program called “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” played a 36-second wax-cylinder recording of Walt Whitman reading from his poem “America.”

Who Was Alton Weagle and Why Did He Climb Mt. Washington Backwards?

I also spent a fair amount of time in Groveton and Stark NH tracking down the life, family and background of Alton Weagle. In the 1950s, Alton was known as Mr. Mount Washington and holds the biggest number of records on the mountain including walking up backwards and pushing up a wheelbarrow of sugar!