State Revenues Produce More Than Budget Writers Estimated

For August state levies produced $147.8 million in revenues including $1 million in recoveries from pandemic expenses with lottery earnings, and business and hospitality taxes producing significantly more than budget writers estimated.

Matt Towne Announces Candidacy for Strafford District 4

As representative for Strafford 4, I will strive towards a common-sense approach to governing. I believe in bringing respect and common sense back to a government that has been too starkly divided by ideological rigidity for too long.

N.H. To Get $8.5M in E-Cigarette Firm Settlement

Under the terms of the agreement, New Hampshire will receive at least $8,454,901.22 over a period of six to ten years, with the total amount paid increasing the longer the company takes to make payments.

Op-Ed: How To Give Brook Trout a Fighting Chance

Hot and dry summers like this and many recent ones are a real threat to our Brook Trout.  Scientific studies have suggested that rising temperatures could lead to a 77 percent decline in Brook Trout habitat. 

Groups Raise Objections To N.H. Solid Waste Plan

Working on Waste, a citizens’ initiative focusing on safe alternatives to incinerators and landfills, has added its voice to groups who say the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ draft solid waste plan is not aggressive enough in embracing change.