New Federal Law: What’s In It For N.H. Farmers?

During a virtual press conference Wednesday, reporters learned that more than $20 billion in the act is earmarked to support renewable agricultural practices nationwide, such as those in New Hampshire which provide food, jobs, and agricultural tourism opportunities that are part of the state’s cultural and environmental fabric.

Op-Ed: Gov. Sununu is a Hypocrite

“Hypocrite” is an ugly word, but it fits Gov. Sununu.  Repeatedly he and his economic cronies use our tax money to benefit themselves.

Will the Lights Stay on in N.H. This Winter?

  ISO New England is nervous, yet again, about whether the electricity grid will hold up if an extended cold snap stresses the available supply of natural gas.  Meanwhile, electricity prices have gone haywire, as evidenced by the 22.6 cents per kilowatt-hour that Eversource has recently started charging its default energy service customers in New Hampshire.