Portsmouth Adopts Major Police Reforms

Portsmouth Police Chief Mark Newport will now report every case in which an officer has been under investigation, as well as any suspensions or terminations resulting from that investigation under a set of reforms unanimously adopted by the Portsmouth Police Commission this week.

Jennika Mullen Launches ‘Poetic Pens’

My dad used to read me a poem before bed every night. He had so many of them memorized and my favorites were The Sugar-Plum Tree by Eugene Field and The Tyger by William Blake.

Making Sure You Don’t Respect the Wrong People

Ever since Thomas Jefferson cobbled this group together from the needs of the farmers, the wants of workers, and the glue of golden oratory, the Democratic party has acted like an amoeba, stretching and oozing and generally repelling every observer who couldn’t see it from the inside. 

Police Complaint Review Recommendations Settled

Joseph Lascaze of the American Civil Liberties Union-NH registered his dissatisfaction with the fact that the recommendation does not conform to the original charge of establishing an independent entity, but he joined the rest of the commission in a unanimous endorsement of the final report.

Dems Claim Governor’s Policies Fail To Lower Energy Costs

CONCORD — With New Hampshire residents facing skyrocketing energy costs this winter, Democrats said Thursday the governor’s energy plan has left the state unable to blunt the impact on families and businesses.

Police Misconduct Proposal Approaches Consensus

CONCORD — An increase in the number of non-law enforcement members on the Police Standards and Training Council and the ability of a review committee to question investigative reports on officer misconduct are two proposals coming out of an Oct. 27 meeting in the Legislative Office Building.