Shuffling Home Dazed, Confused and Feathers Amiss

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Courtesy photo

Bald eagle


I heard a story from one of my students this week about how one of her chickens had been scooped up by an eagle.

  “Goldie” was lifted by talons of this bird of jove, lifted high above the New Hampshire terrain and then…dropped. 

Goldie then shuffled home, dazed, confused, with feathers both amiss and removed and rejoined her flock.

I muse joyfully on Goldie’s adventure.  

And I wonder, what happened?  Did the eagle simply decide Goldie was not worth the effort of eating? Of carrying?  Did something better come along?  A squirrel? A mouse?  A rabbit?  Did Goldie put up a fight with her little chicken feet?  Did she squawk loud enough for the eagle to decide she wasn’t worth the effort?

All I know today, dear Joyful Musers, is the image of Goldie walking back home after her adventure makes me laugh out loud.  That little hen high above wondering, “where the hell am I?” and then being dropped to soar through the air…well, it just makes me smile. 

I have not met Goldie, nor even seen a picture, but the image of her feathers askew, her unbalanced walk, well, I just have to laugh.

 A good chicken story will always make me laugh. A good chicken story brings some levity to a world that can sometimes be just too much. Today I muse joyfully that Goldie made it back, that Goldie survived, that Goldie had a little adventure on a September day in New Hampshire.  

May you, Joyful Musers, be as lucky as Goldie and oh, do share your chicken adventures and stories. Today, more than ever, we need a little poultry fun.

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