How Will You Do Your 1,000 Hours Outside?

Currently, I am working on 1,000 Hours Outside, hoping by the end of 2021, that I have filled my tracker with colors and recalled the walks, the swims, the bikes, the skates, the gazes, the discoveries.

Sununu Flailing to Defend His Position Against COVID Relief

Chris Sununu is flailing to defend his unpopular decision to side with the Kochs and Washington Republicans and obstruct President Biden’s COVID relief bill, which will bring billions of dollars in federal relief to Granite Staters hurt by the pandemic.

Sununu Opposes COVID Relief Bill

Gov. Chris Sununu joined a bipartisan group of 21 fellow governors from across the country in raising the alarm over the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that would bail out poorly managed states at the expense of New Hampshire taxpayers.