21,126 Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine Administered; 848 New Cases, 18 Deaths

Among the 64,755 doses of vaccine allocated to New Hampshire, 47,645 doses have been distributed to vaccination sites across the state and 21,126 doses have been administered to date. New Hampshire expects to receive 17,175 additional doses next week, which will be allocated to the long-term care pharmacy partnership program, hospitals, Regional Public Health Networks, and the state-managed fixed sites.

The Best of Joyful Musings 2020

I wish you all a joyful 2021. Seize the day, musers, 2021: a blank slate. How perfect. Stay safe, musers, stay alive, stay curious, stay joyful.

House Dems Not All In for ‘Drive-In’ Meeting in Cars in Durham Jan. 6

State House Democrats are asking Republican leaders to meet remotely with secure voting online or a hybrid that would allow those who feel safer staying home during the pandemic rather than the “drive-in” plan being promoted by the new majority.