30-Year War Over Education Funding Intensifies

Since that time 30 years ago, there have been numerous court decisions in the case almost every one going against the state and its lawmakers as they sought to find a solution that did not upend the current fiscal system, i.e. reliance on local property taxes.

How Many Pogo Sticks Are Enough?

Today I muse joyfully on pogoing, on jumping up and down, on counting, on owning not one but four pogo sticks.

Arnie Alpert: Police Impunity Motivates NH Marchers … Again

Anguish, anger, frustration, defiance and determination were in the air outside the New Hampshire Supreme Court Friday when more than 200 people, organized by the state’s Black Lives Matter groups, rallied in solidarity with Breonna Taylor and her family and called for New Hampshire residents to address issues close to home.