Karen Testerman Says Your Vote Will Make a Difference

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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Karen Testerman

Republican Karen Testerman is challenging Gov. Chris Sununu in the primary Tuesday.


Did you know that when Christians vote biblical values the freshman class of Congress is more Pro-life?

Did you know that only 50% of eligible Christians are registered to vote? What is worse is that of those

registered Christians only 50% vote.

We have to make our views known and elect candidates who reflect our values and will govern
to inculcate those values into our laws.

I thought you might be interested in how much the views of Governor Chris Sununu are to our
moral Christian values we hold dear.

Did you know that although Chris Sununu runs as a Pro-Life candidate — He cast the deciding
vote to use OUR Hard Earned Dollars (Taxpayer Dollars) for Planned Parenthood?

I will always vote pro-life because all life should be protected from fertilization to natural death.

Did you know that Chris Sununu voted to ban therapy for Children leading them to have mental
confusion and disorders while punishing therapists and parental involvement?

I will always stand with Parents who I believe are the best advocates for their children.

Did you know that Chris Sununu voted to allow individuals to choose their gender on all
official government documents?

I will make sure that all government-issued documents reflect the biological assigned
characteristics of the individual being issued the document(s).

Did you know that Chris Sununu recognizes gender identity as an unlawful discriminatory
practice thus allowing males that identify as women to compete in women-only events and
to enter women’s restrooms, women’s dressing rooms, and women’s shelters endangering
young girls and women?

I think that Individuals are either male or female and should be identified accordingly
and believe that discriminating based on innate factors should be unlawful.

Did you know that Chris Sununu supports the redefinition of marriage?

I support and declare that Marriage is between one man and one woman.

If your positions match mine, I would ask that you consider voting for me in the Primary.

Election Day is September 8th.

Please Vote and contact 5 friends and remind them to vote, too.

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