NH Senators Ask Sununu for Update on Coronavirus Preparedness Plans

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Editor’s note: Gov. Sununu didn’t immediately respond to InDepthNH.org’s request for comment. The story will be updated when he does.

UPDATE: Gov. Sununu response: Earlier today, Governor Chris Sununu sent a letter to members of New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation in support of emergency appropriations currently being debated in Congress to help combat any potential outbreak of COVID-19 in New Hampshire and across the Country.

Concord, NH — On Wednesday, state Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes, Sen. Tom Sherman, and Sen. Cindy Rosenwald, sent a letter to Gov. Chris Sununu requesting an update on any preparedness plans his administration is undertaking for the potential spread of the coronavirus.

The request was sent following the CDC’s urging that US businesses, hospitals, and communities begin preparing for the possible spread of COVID19.

“Given this administrations delayed response to the Legionella Outbreak in 2018 and with the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, our preparedness as a state is critical to public health,: Feltes said.

” In light of the state of health care in New Hampshire, including the highest health care costs in the nation and a growing behavioral health crisis that is already straining our health care system, any significant disruption from the coronavirus could set our health care system over the edge.”

Sherman said: “Preparedness planning is critical to the health and wellbeing of all Granite Staters and should occur immediately to protect our communities our businesses and prepare our hospitals and their staff for any potential outbreak.”

Rosenwald said: “It is critical that we coordinate with our hospitals, local health departments, universities, and business communities to prepare for any potential pandemic. The current administration and the Department of Health and Human Services must begin outreach, and make their preparedness plans clear and public to get in front of and mitigate any potential future threat.”

The letter can be read here

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