The Secret Life of NH’s Endangered Mountain Butterfly

The peak that is home to some of the world’s worst weather is also home to a rare butterfly, recently rediscovered and now being studied by biologists who are hoping to find out what it eats and how it lives in such an extreme climate.

Decoding the Weld Vibe in Somersworth: Intelligent, Charged, Friendly, Hopeful

At 6’ 4” he’s a tall drink of water, Oxford and Harvard educated and, like many a Netflix series, starts off slow but then rivets you in with intelligence, with lines of dialog so good they must be written down, with hope that after the first season, the series will be picked up

Drawing the Lines

Homegrown editorial cartoonist Mike Marland is keeping a watchdog eye on the State House in Concord and White House in Washington, D.C.