Recruits From Around the World Train at Correctional Officer Academy

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Corrections Commissioner Helen Hanks welcomes new recruits preparing to train as corrections officers at the state's prisons.

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC) proudly announces the commencement of the 110th Corrections Academy.

This nine-week intense program will prepare the 27 recruits to work at the three correctional facilities in the state – the NH State Prison for Men (NHSP-M), the NH Correctional Facility for Women (NHCFW) and the Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility (NNHCF).

The mandatory nine-week academy provides officers with the tools and resources needed to work in a correctional environment and is the final step in their state certification process. Graduating correctional officers have made the decision to positively impact the lives of others, every single day. Working with the Department of Corrections will provide a great, stable career for these new officers.

The recruits are American citizens as well as permanent residents who hail from several different countries all over the world including Kenya, Somalia, Bhutan and Estonia.

Corrections Commissioner Helen Hanks welcomed the group of 24 male and 3 female recruits at the Arthur D. Kehas Law Enforcement Training Facility and Campus in Concord as they embark on their new corrections career training.

“You came in here together, you all need to leave here together,” she said, promoting the bond of officers.

Hanks continued, telling the new recruits to think about the fact there are more than 2,500 people incarcerated in New Hampshire and another 6,000 people on probation and parole.

“You might be the first person in that person’s life that is a mentor, that is someone who is positive teaching them how to be a better person,” she said. “That is a strong, powerful place you hold in someone’s life.”

“We are excited to have such a diverse group of officers entering our ranks,” Sergeant Christopher Lover of the NHDOC Training Bureau said. “With the cultural backgrounds and variety of spoken languages they bring to the table, this will only serve to further the mission of the department.”

The Department of Corrections is actively recruiting for new corrections officers and other diversified professional staff positions. No matter your current career, correctional law enforcement can fit you.

If this sounds like a career for you please visit for more information. Those interested may also call the Department’s recruitment office directly at 603-271-5645.

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