Public Utilities Commission Issues Order Approving Sale of Eversource Generation Facilities

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Concord, N.H. – The Public Utilities Commission announced today that it has approved the sale of Eversource’s generation assets, completing the third step in a regulatory process set in motion by legislation enacted in 2014 and 2015 to divest Eversource of its generation assets.

When the sale of the assets is complete, New Hampshire’s two-decade process of restructuring its electric industry will also be complete. The total value of the sale is $258 million.

The purchase and sale agreements for Eversource’s generation facilities are the result of a competitive auction process administered by J.P. Morgan, an independent auction advisor hired by the Commission.

By creating competition among buyers, conducting a fair and transparent process consistent with industry practice, and setting an appropriate pace for the auction, J. P. Morgan maximized the total transaction value for the Eversource generation portfolio.


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