Getting To Know You Is A Little Trickier When You Are Gay Like Me

Hi all, it is my privilege to be stepping in for the lovely writers and creators of The Gay Agenda: Tori Tucker and Emma Simpson. Their decision to step back is the door opening for me to step in. Hopefully, this means I can cultivate a rapport with you. I hope to continue to capture the unique perspective of being queer, a student in New Hampshire, and share a bit of my life with you all.

Sumac Tea or Sumac-Ade: Easy Pickings for a Seasonal Treat

Whether it is the dry summer or the more ominous signs of a changing climate the autumn colors have passed without fanfare. Nevertheless, there is one treat that I always look forward to in the fall that is almost assured irrespective of the weather, Sumac tea or served up ice cold as sumac-ade.

A Little Sleepy, A Little Silly and Loving Sanders. Bernie, That Is

I observed Bernie Sanders as he sat in the car while people gathered to ensure all was ready for his speech.  As this little car had no tinted windows, I watched as the former presidential candidate sat, looking to see if he would pull down the visor and check himself out in the mirror. He did not.