OP-ED: Gov. Sununu: Dolly McPhaul Does Not Represent Northern New Hampshire

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The founder and owner of A.B. Excavating is Allen Bouthillier.

Editor’s note: InDepthNH.org takes no position on the Northern Pass Transmission project. As a public service, we do offer the opportunity for people in favor and opposed to the proposed 192-mile high-voltage transmission line to voice their opinions in occasional op-eds. We reserve the right to edit for length. InDepthNH.org cannot guarantee the accuracy of information contained in opinion pieces. We also cannot guarantee that all submissions will be posted. We appreciate all civil discourse. Send op-eds to nancywestnews@gmail.com. Thanks. Nancy West, executive editor. Allen Bouthillier, the owner of A.B. Excavating Inc, in Lancaster is responding to comments made previously by Dolly McPhaul, a Republican who unsuccessfully ran against state Sen. Jeff Woodburn, D-Whitefield. Bouthillier is an outspoken supporter of Northern Pass. 

By Allen Bouthillier
653 Main St.
Lancaster, NH 03584
August 29, 2017

A few months before the Northern Pass filed its project with the NH Site Evaluation Committee, the Northern Pass group held a meeting in Whitefield, NH. The meeting was attended by approximately 200 people. The meeting included information on the Northern Pass project, outlining changes being proposed and offered a chance for those in attendance to ask questions. There were concerns voiced about the project, however, nearly all attendees were supportive of the transmission project being built in Coos County and the many benefits the project would bring to the area.

Those in attendance had one key issue, “If you build the project in Coos County, be sure as many benefits and opportunities, as possible, are provided to local residents. Coos County needs help in the form of jobs and investments and the Northern Pass should be structured to maximize these local benefits.” The attendees were primarily long-time residents of Coos County, including those operating local businesses and/or, individuals putting in a hard day’s work in local gravel pits, fixing roads, building homes, driving trucks or working in the woods to support their families. For most of us, these are our friends, neighbors and family members. Unfortunately, these are the same people Dolly McPhaul routinely dismisses and disrespects in her opposition to the Northern Pass project. She pretends these working people don’t exist in Coos County and when forced to acknowledge them, she describes them as, “temporary workers,” or other language meant to demean and de-value the work they do and the important contributions they make to our community.

McPhaul attempted to gain credibility and legitimate voice, representing the people of Coos County by running for State Senate on a platform, based on her opposition to the Northern Pass, however, her campaign was soundly rejected by voters. Her opposition to the Northern Pass, most likely wasn’t the reason for her defeat, rather, her dismissive attitude toward the needs of hard-working people of Coos County, her efforts to undermine the Balsams project and ignoring many critical issues that confront our region. Beyond McPhaul’s failed campaign, she has threatened Coos Elected Officials with having them thrown out of office, when not agreeing with her perspectives/issues. A threat she is unable to carry out, as she has little credibility or local support.

The following are some examples of the tactics McPhaul uses with anyone not in agreement with her;
Hold a different opinion – You must be on the take
Don’t do what she wants – She threatens you
Things don’t go her way – Something evil is happening behind the scenes
These tedious, immature tactics are now being focused on Governor Sununu.
The reality is, McPhaul’s voice carries little credibility. She does not represent the opinion of Northern New Hampshire, as a region. Governor Sununu has done a good job, taking into consideration, the opinions of all sides on this and many other issues. Dolly McPhaul should not get to choose the people the Governor listens to!
Respectfully submitted,

Allen Bouthillier
Concerned Business Owner


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