PSNH to be Restructured at Last – Maybe

Power to the People: D. Maurice Kreis’ new statewide column about what happens in the world of utilities long before you turn on the lights.

Public Counsel Grills Northern Pass Expert On Property Value Impact

Attorney Thomas Pappas representing the Counsel for the Public, grilled James Chalmers of Chalmers & Associates of Billings, Montana, about his report concluding there “is no evidence that high-voltage transmission lines result in consistent measurable effects on property values.”

Time to Trump Transgender Discrimination

Over the course of Trump’s presidency (now 6 months and counting) there have been numerous attacks against the LGBTQ community, but perhaps the most jarring was the most recent, which unfolded mainly on Twitter (what a great venue for official presidential business).

Your Sunday Toon

Now when you donate to our Crowdrise  Adopt Mike Marland fundraising campaign you’ll get stuff from Mike! Signed IDNH editorial cartoon prints, signed original editorial cartoon art, signed books even custom caricatures!

World Peace Through Tourism

IITP Credo of the Peaceful Traveler ©: Journey with an open mind and gentle heart

Tans and Tips: Sweet 16 and Biking To Work at Donut Dip

At 16, I did not have a car but a bike I borrowed from my sister. She had one of the first 10-speeds, a brand known as “Free Spirit,” and it was stolen week two.