Who Was Alton Weagle and Why Did He Climb Mt. Washington Backwards?

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Courtesy Ernie Mills Photography

Here's a pic of Dan Szczesny coming down after being dropped off by the Snow Coach at Mt. Washington.

Dan Szczesny is a long time journalist and author living in Manchester, N.H. The travel memoir on Everest Base Camp, “The Nepal Chronicles,” was the New Hampshire State Library winner for 2016 Outstanding Work on Non-Fiction.For his new book, Dan is spending a year exploring the very heart of the White Mountain National Forest. But Mt. Washington—home of the world’s worst weather—is more than just a Rock Pile, it’s the cultural and natural soul of climbers and tourists from around the world. From car races to bird watching, from bikes to motorcycles, from the railroad to the stars to a centuries old observatory, Mt. Washington speaks to the adventurer in all of us, and Dan plans on turning his veteran journalist’s eye toward capturing it all in his new book, “The White Mountain” (available spring, 2018)For more information on how to become a sponsor or help contribute to The White Mountain campaign, email Dan at danszczesny@gmail.com

By Dan Szczesny

Happy snow day to all my IndieGoGo White Mountain book campaign contributors. I hope you are all doing well and keeping warm.

I’m writing to update you on how things are going, and of all the exciting news coming up.

The first three months of the campaign have been fairly low key. Our social media is booming, interest in high and we’ve focused on getting out the word, research and securing my spot in a variety of events and happenings on or around the mountain. I spent the day on the snow coach getting up to 4,200 feet in the last nor’easter a month ago. I gave a great presentation on Nepal at Crawford Notch where I met Dave, the long time AMC cook and I had the very great pleasure of meeting 94-year-old Barbara Hull, one of the original White Mountain Hut Girls who worked in the notch in 1943 when the men were away to war. Both Dave and Barbara will be featured in the book.