Sununu Supports Strengthening Immigration Vetting Process

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Nancy West photo

Gov. Chris Sununu

Governor Chris Sununu Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on U.S. Immigration Policy

For Immediate Release:

January 30, 2017


Dave Abrams


Concord, NH – Following President Trump’s Executive Order on U.S. immigration policy, Governor Chris Sununu issued the following statement:

“The enforcement of our nation’s immigration policy is a function of the federal government. Our country was founded on immigration and it is both the fabric of my family and families around the United States. We live in a very dangerous world and I will continue to support the strengthening of the vetting process, as it contributes directly to the safety and security of the people of New Hampshire. I am closely monitoring the President’s executive order and our office is staying in communication with the White House and federal and state agencies to assess the impact of the order on New Hampshire.”