Enjoying the Summer Ride Before I Start College

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Jenness State Beach in Rye.



David Lovlien Jr.

I just graduated from high school in June and to be honest, I am glad that it’s over.

I was telling one of my friends, Mike Davis, that it’s like closing a chapter in my life. All I have to think about now is today and my future.

I can’t wait to get my law degree seven years from now. I can’t wait to own my own home. I think about my career all the time, but I am trying to enjoy the ride because that’s really what life’s all about.

I start college in another few weeks and I’m ecstatic about that. The part of college that I’m most excited about — besides the education — is meeting new people. To me, every person is special. To be part of another individual’s life is a miracle in its own way.

There’s about six billion of us on this planet and not one of us is the same. This fascinates me.

Until I start school this fall, I’m happy hanging out with friends at Rye beach or going out on the lake with them when I am not working. And when I’m not playing, I’m working and I love my job.

There’s not a day that I wake up and say that I don’t want to go in. That might sound crazy, but I found something I truly like. School will start soon and I suspect the next seven years will fly by.

Until the future, I will just truly enjoy the present.

David Lovlien Jr. is a high honors graduate of Coe-Brown Northwood Academy. He plans to attend Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth for a degree in liberal arts. David is an active member on the New Hampshire Legislative Youth Advisory Committee. He writes a regular column, Growing From Granite, for InDepthNH.org.