Latest Death Toll: No End in Sight for Opiate Deaths in NH

BREAKING THE CHAINS: “There were 114 deaths in the first three months of 2015 and about 111 confirmed and potential drug deaths for the same time period this year so it looks like we are on track,” said Kim Fallon, Chief Forensic Investigator at the NH Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Fallon cautioned, however, that it is too early to make predictions for 2016.

Same old, Same old

Don’t miss Mike Marland’s new little webcomic of partisan political commentary. The Beach Starring Lefty and the Newspup with frequent
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How One Reporter Got the Police Shooting Video Everyone Wanted

Brandon Smith, an independent journalist, forced public disclosure of the video showing the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald – a video Chicago authorities tried to keep from public view for 13 months. It sharply contradicted police’s recounting of events. He sued the city after his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was denied.

Mt Sunapee and NH Sierra Club Disagree on Expansion

Hew Hampshire Sierra Club: To the ski resort, Mount Sunapee is the goose that laid the golden egg and they want more golden eggs. NHSC wants the public land made for the public.

Reports Differ on New Refueling Tankers Arriving at Pease

There are conflicting reports on when the new Boeing KC-46A refueling tankers will be ready for deployment. Eighteen of the new aircraft are scheduled to be housed at Pease Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth.

The Best Reporting on Europe’s Terrorism Threat

This week, terrorists bombed multiple locations in Brussels, claiming at least 31 lives and making Belgium the latest flashpoint in a wave of attacks across Europe. We’ve compiled some of the best reporting on the recent attacks in Brussels, why Belgium has become a prime location for terrorists, and how the threat in Europe has grown over the years.