Summit to Focus on Combating Elder Financial Exploitation in NH

One in nine seniors reported being abused, neglected or exploited in the past 12 months and the rate of financial exploitation is extremely high with 1 in 20 older adults indicating some form of perceived financial mistreatment occurring in the recent past, according to a national survey.

Ahead of Super Tuesday, outside spending — some of it dark — props up incumbents

Super PACs and dark money groups have spent more than $1.9 million to boost the campaigns of congressional incumbents with primaries today — Super Tuesday, for folks just in from another planet. And even as voters prepare to go to the polls, the donors of some of that money remain undisclosed.

Lawmakers Mull Rail Line Linking Lowell and Manchester

Now, the question is, can the state support a rail line connecting with the existing MBTA commuter rail terminal in Lowell to Manchester. The House Transportation Committee may start answering that question as soon as Tuesday when it considers a $4 million dollar study.

Fishermen Upset About Rule Requiring Costly Catch Monitoring

This spring, an expensive federal rule takes effect unless a federal judge rules otherwise. The rule requires a monitoring device on each fishing boat that tracks the day’s catch. The device costs more than $600 a day to operate so the fishermen are not only limited in their catch, but are required to monitor it as well.

‘What is a mother to do? My heart belongs to an addict’

BREAKING THE CHAINS: And I remember who he was before the drugs stole him. I remember that little boy with blue eyes and curly, almost-white hair. And everything he put me and our family through fades away, if only for a fleeting moment.

What To Do When Your Podcaster Starts Interviewing Himself

ROGER’S RAMBLINGS: Roger Wood may have gone a bit off the deep end to remember a great singer/songwriter who turned up on his doorstep in Portsmouth one day, but who has since passed away. If you are old enough to remember the song “100 Pounds of Clay,” you will remember him right away. Roger Wood has never forgotten him.

The Envelope, Please: DiCaprio Takes a Money Oscar

On Sunday, the world’s biggest movie stars will once again be in the spotlight at Hollywood’s most prestigious awards ceremony. While they might be highly visible on the red carpet, though, very few would be in contention for statuettes when it comes to big political giving.