Nonprofit Cops To Too Much Politicking, Sends IRS an IOU

Oklahomans for a Conservative Future stands apart from most other dark money groups in a couple of ways. The first: its dedication to backing just one candidate, former Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon, a Republican who made an ultimately failed 2014 bid for a U.S. Senate seat.

Male Seeking Female: Looking for Ms. WillingNAble

Single male unmated coyote will travel for companionship. Medium build, thick gray coat, athletic and proven hunter. Hopeless romantic and alpha wannabe seeks female as an equal. A real SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) for the right type.

Mom’s Anxious Weeks Into Son’s Rehab for Heroin Addiction

Last month, Michele helped launch Breaking the Chains telling her story about a mother’s struggles dealing with an adult son who is addicted to heroin. He was trying to detox at home. She got back in touch with this week with some hopeful news.

NH Gives the Go-Ahead To Begin Cultivating Therapeutic Cannabis in Rochester

Sanctuary ATC’s cultivation center in Rochester is the first to receive DHHS approval to begin cultivating therapeutic cannabis in New Hampshire, according to a DHHS news release.

Attorney General Joseph Foster has refused a right-to-know request filed by to release documents related to his decision to issue medical marijuana ID cards to all qualifying patients.