Sarajevo’s Grit Mirrors Folks Back Home in New Hampshire

Sarah’s View from the Borderlands is Sarah Freeman-Woolpert’s new biweekly column for Originally from Pembroke, N.H., she is studying youth activism and civic engagement in Sarajevo.

Nursing Home Workers Share Explicit Photos of Residents on Snapchat

A ProPublica review found 35 cases since 2012 in which nursing home or assisted living workers surreptitiously shared photos or videos of residents on social media. Six were at nursing homes in Massachusetts and Vermont. At least 16 cases involved Snapchat.

Eversource Touts Schiller Station’s Wood-Fired Boiler

Schiller Station’s wood-chip boiler has earned state and national recognition for its record of clean power generation starting with the Environmental Protection Agency, but some residents across the river in Eliot, Maine, claim that sulfur pollutants from the plant have affected their health.

OpenSecrets Best in 2015: Accountability Journalism

Lists are easy, as any writer left behind on a skeletal holiday staff will tell you. The “Best of [year]” list in particular isn’t art, it’s #content— but done with care, it can be a revealing reminder of the highlights of the previous year. To that end, here’s OpenSecrets Blog’s list of our best journalism of 2015. It features great examples of both explanatory and accountability reporting. Explanatory journalism illuminates an intricate issue through clear presentations and a mastery of the subject matter; it, well, explains.