Pfizer Won’t Lack Resources in Lobbying for $160 Billion Allergan Deal

Politicians are worried because Allergan, headquartered in Dublin, will actually acquire the larger Pfizer, allowing Pfizer – as the combined company will be called – to pay much lower taxes while changing little about how it operates in the United States.

Wellspring Gives Big Boost to Judicial Crisis Network with $6.6 Million Grant

This fall, JCN has spent at least $200,000 on TV and digital ads criticizing Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy and John Roberts, comparing them to former Justice David Souter of New Hampshire — a Republican appointee who often sided with the more liberal wing of the court. While Roberts and Kennedy can hardly be called liberals (particularly Roberts), two of the court’s decisions last term, one upholding the Affordable Care Act and one legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, triggered widespread disgust on the right.