Roger Wood and Eversource: Keeping The Lights On This Winter

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Eversource unveils new storm center.

Perfect late fall weather highlighted Thanksgiving Day weekend this year.  But it was a different story in 2014.  Last year’s historic Thanksgiving snowstorm led to the four worst outages in New Hampshire history.

Now, the state’s largest electric company, Eversource, has unveiled new, state-of-the-art facilities that utilize the latest technology to maintain reliable service, respond to outages and provide information faster during such events.

Eversource calls it the Integrated Electric Operations Center, which puts all operations and outage response under one roof.  Roger Wood spoke to Martin Murray, communications manager for Eversource about the upgrades, which also include an Incident Command Center.

Recent reliability improvements are already making a difference for Eversource customers in New Hampshire, with shorter and less frequent outages. The average length of an outage is down more than 30 percent since 2010. These investments are expected to further that trend.