Dems Pick Renny Cushing as House Minority Leader

On Thursday, members of the New Hampshire House Democratic Caucus met virtually and through ranked choice voting, nominated Rep. Renny Cushing for Democratic Leader. Democratic Caucus Members, via a voice vote, also nominated Paul Smith as the House Clerk, and J.B. Cullen as the Sergeant at Arms.

Top Lobbying Spenders Pull Back, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Is Tops

The top 10 lobbying spenders in the third quarter of 2015 reported paying lobbyists about $23 million less than the second quarter’s top 10 spenders did, the latest records show. In the second quarter, the top 10 spenders reported nearly $89 million in outlays, compared to almost $66 million between July 1 and Sept. 30 — a drop of about 25 percent.