Decoupling: Not Just for Unhappy Spouses, But Utilities, Too

So if you were looking to pay someone to promote the benefits of replacing beef with brussels sprouts, Five Guys would not be on your short list.  And, yet, when it comes to ratepayer-funded energy efficiency, we’re doing the equivalent of paying Five Guys to persuade people to eat fewer hamburgers.

Subsidy Season at State House For Wood-Burning Plants?

Nine hundred good jobs are at stake, co-sponsors told the House Committee on Science, Technology and Energy Committee last Wednesday at the hearing on Senate Bill 446.  Representative Herb Richardson (R- Lancaster) thinks the total is more like 1,500.

Northern Pass on the Brink: A Ratepayers’ Lament

NH’s consumer advocate weighs in on Northern Pass. “If you dislike Northern Pass, you should dislike ‘New England Clean Energy Connect’ even more.  That’s CMP’s rival project – which would, if built, do to pristine areas in Maine’s rural Franklin and Somerset counties exactly what Northern Pass would do to similar locations in the Granite State.”

Our electricity grid gives us a wake-up call in NH

Power to the People: What happens at dawn when the power goes out at the home of New Hampshire’s consumer advocate, the man who represents the interests of residential utility customers before the Public Utilities Commission? And it’s wicked cold.

A holiday postcard from Montana

In the spirit of the season, the December 25 edition of this column Power to the People foregoes the usual tales of ratepayer exploitation.  Instead, we visit Montana.

Power to the People – ‘Stranger Things,’ New England Style

Power to the People – In season 2 of the TV series Stranger Things, the bedraggled residents of Hawkins, Indiana struggle against the Mind Flayer – an uncontrollable, intelligent force from another dimension that wreaks havoc via the underground tentacles it has threaded beneath every part of town. The whole mess is the result of evil experiments conducted by rogue elements of the U.S. Department of Energy.