Opinion: The Opportunity Costs of Northern Pass

Wayne King of Rumney is opposed to Northern Pass. He is an author, artist and activist and was a three-term State Senator who chaired the Senate Economic Development Committee and the NH Senate Economic Summit.

Plymouth Protesters Say No To Northern Pass as State Regulators Pass By Unnoticed

UPDATED: Northern Pass spokesman Martin Murray responded to InDepthNH.org at 10:20 p.m. Tuesday saying many people met the Site Evaluation Committee members at the court house and followed them the entire tour. “From my perspective, most of the folks along Main Street were quite aware of the committee’s arrival and walking tour,” Murray said.

The Spirit of Giving Is Catchy in Dover

JOYFUL MUSINGS: Giving does not have to be much – it can be a prayer, the holding of a door, the letting in of someone in traffic.