Terrorism and Tourism: What’s a Nation to Do?

As you read this column, two weeks will have passed since the horrific attack, in Las Vegas, on innocent attendees at a Jason Aldean concert. The count of dead and injured remains incomprehensible; however, a fortnight after the fact, there are lessons to be learned.

Travel Services Ain’t What They Used to Be

Those travel behaviors, they are a changing. For years, we could count on a vacationer or businessperson exhibiting the ensuing behavior: arrival at an airport, followed by a quick taxi ride to a downtown hotel, before seeking a meal at either a sit-down or fast food restaurant.

The Year in Review: U.S. Tourism During 2016

* U.S. domestic travel increased by 1.2 percent compared to 2015, to a total of
more than 2.2 billion person-trips during 2016. Leisure travel accounted for
79 percent of all domestic travel

Ringing of School Bells Need Not Spell Trouble for Travel Businesses, Check Out Us Older Folks

This year, most New Hampshire students reported during the last week of August, with many colleges and universities following suit. By the time you read this column, hotels and motels, campgrounds, restaurants, amusement parks, golf courses, and others will have lost many of their bellmen, housekeepers, waiters, maintenance crews, etc.—thereby affecting the flow of business during an extended period of favorable weather.

Events Can Put You on the Travelers’ Map: But It Isn’t Easy

New Hampshire residents saw this effect during the 24 years that people traveled from near and far to attend Keene, New Hampshire’s annual Pumpkin Festival. Many of the thousands of attendees were people who had never heard of Keene previously.

Northern Pass: Tourism in the Looking Glass

NH Travel Guru: Rather  than choose sides in this controversy, I hope to use my experience to enhance the reader’s ability to frame an informed opinion.

Visiting the Danger Zone: Not the best idea, but just in case . .

In the case of El Salvador, the first thing that pops up is a detailed travel warning. Gang warfare, violent street crime, as well as narcotics and arms trafficking are more than the subject material of video games in El Salvador. Warnings extend to backpacking expeditions, hotel and restaurant experiences, and travel on public transportation.