What To Do About A Kindness Given?

It’s good to give thanks, to write thanks, to appreciate even small acts of kindness. And I bask in carrying around note cards so I can write notes on the go – don’t have to wait until the “time is perfect” to scribe a few words.

My Friend Julia, Poutine and Oh, That Justin Trudeau

JOYFUL MUSINGS: Julia, myself and a British colleague once drove  to Austria to go skiing. We imagined ourselves on a talk show entitled, “Not Beyond the Car” and stories were told, secrets shared – and at one point we all sung our own National Anthems as an intro to the program.

Find Your Trash2Treasures Today, Tomorrow at UNH in Durham

The Whittemore Center is filled with couches, dorm fridges, notebooks, books, white boards, staplers, cleaning supplies, book bags and even the bumper to a Jeep.  Essentially, it’s filled with the things students simply tossed out  last May.

Many Bags Full of Hope And Other Stuff For This ‘Bag Lady’

JOYFUL MUSINGS: As I type, I glance to several bags I have propped by the door – one holds a myriad of goods – including Portsmouth’s Music Hall’s magazine, a phone charger, a map of New York City, a package of Bumble Bee Tuna, a whistle, two lipsticks and a microphone.