SDH’s Favorite Four Letter Word Is ….

Every year I gather clothes I no longer enjoy from my own closet, grab a coffee and head to this event midspring. I’m never disappointed. And I love this event, not only because I always meet and laugh with friends, I love that I get to go shopping without a wallet, without an agenda, without sales clerks, without any overhead.

Merry St. Patrick’s Day from Joyful Musings

I love how we New Englanders seem to have built in forgetters, seasonal amnesia. I know I certainly do as I go sort through my gloves, my jackets, my winter gear and think, “Will I ever need this stuff again? Certainly it will never get THAT cold. Heck, who needs these scarves? Not me!”

Who’s To Blame When The NH Paparazzi Won’t Let Up

Let’s face it, when you’ve been mentioned in Joyful Musings, your celebrity status increases tenfold. You’re a star; people constantly request selfies with you, your Twitter followers number in the six digits, paparazzi besiege you at Market Basket, Stop & Shop. Friendly’s.

How Many Grandkids Exactly Do I Have Again?

As I continue to muse joyfully on big families, I think of the myriad of Grandmother Footit’s grandchildren, my brothers, sisters and cousins.  And I think in particular of one of those forty whose life ended much too soon, Noreen Britton Minkler.