Traveling With NH Teens to NYC: ‘So Far So Good’

I like travel on the cheap; we bring our own lunches, eat at various bodegas, fill our water bottles.  And teenagers can figure this out on their own and make great choices when the money they have to spend is their own.

Let’s muse joyfully together on a Saturday afternoon

Come meet writers Mark Okrant, Susan Dromey Heeter, Bob Charest, Garry Rayno, Wayne D. King, Michael Davidow, Roger Wood, Nancy West and George Liset.
When: Saturday, April 28, 2018
Where: Nackey Loeb School of Communications, 749 East Industrial Park Drive, Manchester, NH
Time: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This Small Room in Dover Is Flush With Fine Art

I muse joyfully this week on art galleries and bathrooms. As you know, Joyful Musers, I am a fan of the used, the re-used and the frugal.  And at this moment, where the verb “downsize”  is utilized as often as “to get a coffee” this is prime time to search out art – original, eclectic, lovely to you. 

SDH’s Favorite Four Letter Word Is ….

Every year I gather clothes I no longer enjoy from my own closet, grab a coffee and head to this event midspring. I’m never disappointed. And I love this event, not only because I always meet and laugh with friends, I love that I get to go shopping without a wallet, without an agenda, without sales clerks, without any overhead.